Non-Profit Organizations

Charity organizations play a vital role in our society. They bring together people who care about a course so that they can make a difference.

They are indeed the faces of community empowerment
by virtue of their fundamental principles building on social capital and reliance on community participation.

However, most charity organizations suffer from inadequate availability of resources which hinders them from achieving their set objectives due to the culture of donor dependency in lumpsum funding which may be inconsistent, temporary and based on the priorities of the donors rather than the real need at the grassroots and
lack of awareness due to poor online visibility.

TCloud helps not for profit organizations to improve access to funding and sponsorship opportunities and ensure a sustainable approach in running of their programs and activities to eradicate poverty by leveraging on Information Communication & Technology

1.  Fundraising Automation

The software is equipped with cron based robots to aid in your fundraising process through Automation.

For example, if you need to raise funds to purchase land for your organization the system will enable you to create it as a campaign automatically, I will allow you to specify the target amount needed to acquire the parcel of land and targeted contributions you would wish to get from individual contributors.

e.g., If the cost of acquiring the parcel of land is ksh. 1000 then you would set your target contribution to ksh. 100. For maximum results you should set the target contribution per person as low as possible to an
amount that is affordable as it’s easier to get small amounts from many people than get the lumpsum amount at ones.

The system will then virtually divide the land into pieces equivalent to the target amount vs the target amount per person. As for the case of the above example the system will virtually divide the land into 10 pieces equivalent to Ksh. 1000

2.  Sponsorship Automation

Through the software it is easier to get sponsorship for individuals being supported by your organization as the system enables you to list those who are seeking sponsorship and the expenses that would be incurred
in order to support them.

Potential sponsors are able to provide sponsorship to each individual or individual expenses. This way, it is easier to have each individual sponsored as the cost of sponsorship is lower compared to getting one organizations or person to sponsor all individuals at a go.

The software equips potential sponsors with the ability to make monthly recurring sponsorship payments with safe and reliable payment platforms.

To maximize on the sponsorship process, selected contacts from your system database will receive text and email-based notifications on newly added individuals seeking sponsorship.

3.  Resource Mobilization Through Blogs

As a means of resource mobilization, the software provides you with blogging resources to help you tell a story that will help you mobilize resource for your organization.

For example, if you needed toilets for your organization due to the bad state of the ones you have then you could use the blogs in the system to tell a story about the current sorry state of sanitation and how it is affecting your organization progress.

Through this you could get support in building new toilets for your organization.

4.  E-commerce Capability

The system has an ecommerce support capability that enables organizations to publish their merchandise and sell online and raise funds for their programs.

5.  Search Engine Optimization

The program will increase visibility of your organization to potential sponsors when they search for events, education, fundraising campaigns, volunteer opportunities, or other happenings surrounding your mission. This boosts your chances of getting support.

6.  Social Media Sharing Support

The software enables you to share events, education, fundraising campaigns, volunteer opportunities, or other happenings surrounding your mission directly to social media

7.  Quality Leads Generation

The system has landing page support capability which enables you to fetch quality contacts for potential sponsors.

8.  Programs Listing

The system enables you to list your programs which can also be automatically shared to your potential sponsors.

9.  Volunteers Support

Through the system you can attract volunteers to your organization from across the world

10.  Donations Support

The system enables you to receive donations for your organization from any part of the world through Paypal / Credit / Debit Card and mobile money.

11.  Special Events Reminder / Wishes

Through the system you can wish your sponsors and those who support you well during special occasions such as Christmas, happy new year etc.,

12.  Membership Support System

Through the membership system your organization can get individuals who will continually make donations periodically to support your programs from any part of the world and ensure continuous flow of resources. This will enable the organization to have stable income to run its programs.

13.  Website Link

Upon creating an account for your organization in PM Cloud, you will automatically be provided with a link that can be used by your people to access information about your organization including programs. The link can also be used as a website and can be shared through any platform.