Tours and Travel Industry

Tours and Travel Companies play an integral role in the success of tourism industries. Tourists count on tours and travel companies to turn their travel dreams into realities.

TCloud provides tours and travel companies with an avenue to showcase their travel packages and make them easily accessible to the tourists through results-oriented marketing techniques using robots.

TCloud business also provides automation to enable tourists to book tour packages from our tours and travel companies of choice and conveniently pay for the packages from any part of the world

Advantages of TCloud Business for Tours and Travel Companies

Tours and Travel Companies will have access to the following features on their website:

1.  Quality Leads Generation

As the old adage says, you cannot keep doing things the same way and expect different results. You are in the tours and travel industry; how do you mainly market your tours and travel packages? Let me guess, through social media. The problem is not social media, social media is just okay. The problem is how you use social media to market your packages.

I do not know how you market your packages on social media, but I can bet you do so by sharing a poster with date, venue, time and price of the packages then sponsoring it as an ad to reach many people. You have been doing this for the longest time, the question us, "How effective has this been??" I am quite sure the people you have been attracting by doing this are as follows:

1. Those who will ask you about the price, date and venue despite seeing it on the advert but be hesitant to pay for the package.
2. Those who will ask you if you have vacancy, is your business.
3. Those who will advertise their products on your ad since it’s a paid promotion.

At the end of it, you will have spent resources to design the poster and promote the ad with no results to show for it.

Are you tired of this?? TCloud Business landing page system is the solution. It provides you with a better, much effective, cost free and a more results-oriented approach to generate quality leads through automation with minimal human intervention to save you from this.

2.  Lipa Pole Pole Support

With TCloud Business your clients will be able to get automated "Lipa Pole Pole" support which will enable them save up and travel with you.

3.  Search Engine Optimization

When data about your products and services are fed into your PM Cloud account, they get optimized for search engines which increases chances of your clients finding you online.

4.  Automated Quotations

TCloud Business has an inbuilt quotations generation system which makes it easier for you to generate quotations or proforma invoices for your clients.

The electronically generated quotation can then be delivered to the intended recipient automatically through text and email. This process is simplified as you will only need to key in relevant information such as price and product/ service description and the other processes shall be handled automatically by the system.

5.  Blogs Support

Through story telling you can win a client’s heart.You can use the inbuilt blog system in TCloud Business as a tours and travel company to tell a story about a particular place e.g Maasai mara and make a client want to travel to Masaai Mara. But this can only be achieved if the intended clients get to read the story.TCloud Business makes this possible by enabling you to share your blogs with your intended recipients via text and email upon publication.

6.  Payment Support

With a TCloud Business account, you can receive payments for your booked packages through various avenues including:
- M-pesa
- Paypal
- Credit Card
- Debit Card

The payment systems in TCloud Business are very convenient and secure.

7.  Package Listing

TCloud Business enables you to list your tours and travel packages in totality with unlimited categories.

8.  Automated Receipts

You clients will get automated customized receipts automatically to their emails and text upon booking your packages on T'Cloud Business. This saves you the burden of having to employ someone to send receipts to your clients.

9.  Booking Support

Through TCloud Business your clients can conveniently book and pay for your tours and travel packages conveniently.

10.  Reports

TCloud Business enabled you to keep track of your bookings and payments automatically.The advanced report system enables you to sort the reports based on dates.

11.  5 star Rating and Reviews

TCloud Business enables your clients to rate and review your services. Positive reviews reassure customers that they can trust your brand.

12.  Booking Notifications

Through TCloud Business, you will get automated sms and email notifications when a client books your tours and travel packages.

13.  Social Media Sharing Support

TCloud Business enables you to share your packages directly to social media from your website.

14.  Whatsapp Booking

TCloud Business enables your clients to book your tours and travel packages directly from whatsapp.

15.  Fully Responsive

Your TCloud Business generated website will be fully responsive as your clients will be able to access it from any device.

16.  E-commerce Support

TCloud Business is equipped with an e-commerce capability to enable you sell your merchandise such as Travel Hats, T-shirts etc.

17.  Free Marketing Classes

With a 1T'Cloud Business Account, you are guaranteed free marketing classes every Thursday from 8:00PM to 9:10PM EAT.