Events Industry

With our new service listing feature, you can effortlessly showcase your offerings, be it for weddings, birthday parties, exhibitions, lighting, or any other services. This platform is your opportunity to present your listings to potential clients and boost your business. Explore the possibilities and connect with those in search of.

1.  Service listing

Our website's new service listing feature enables you to showcase events like weddings, birthday parties, conferences, and lighting. This platform helps you display your services to potential buyers or tenants.

2.  Admin interface

The Admin Interface on the website lets you easily create, edit, and delete detailed service listings. You have complete control over service details, descriptions, images, and pricing information. This user-friendly interface allows you to upload, manage, and promote services, giving you total control.

3.  User-friendly interface

Our website will be easy to use and look great, making it simple for visitors to navigate. We'll have clear menus, organized content, and a layout that works well on all devices.

4.  Automated landing pages

Our landing page grabs the attention of potential clients by automatically creating pages tailored to specific interests. For instance, if you're into wedding services, the website generates a dedicated landing page showcasing wedding service listings. This ensures that the content aligns with your interests and preferences, attracting the right clients.

5.  Automated quotation

TCloud comes with a built-in system for creating quotations and proforma invoices. You can easily generate quotes by entering details like price and service description. The system then automatically sends the generated quote to your client through text and email, simplifying the entire process.

6.  Sms campaign

Our website and mobile apps will use automated SMS campaigns to send text messages to clients and potential clients. These campaigns serve various purposes such as marketing, announcements, reminders, and other communication needs. The automated system ensures efficient and personalized communication via text messages.

7.  Email campaign

Both the website and mobile app include automated email campaign systems. This feature allows you to easily create, schedule, and send email campaigns for marketing, newsletters, updates, and other communication purposes. The automation ensures a streamlined process with timely and consistent email outreach.

8.  Search engine optimization

SEO is a way to make a website more visible on search engines like Google. It includes improving website content, structure, and metadata to appear higher in search results. Good SEO brings in organic traffic and potential clients by making sure the website shows up prominently when users search for relevant keywords. The website will use automated SEO techniques to help rank on search engines.

9.  Full responsive

The website and mobile app will work well on all devices, adjusting automatically to different screen sizes for an optimal viewing and interaction experience. Whether you're using a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone, the content and interface will adapt seamlessly.

10.  News & Blogs

By telling a story about your service you can win a client's heart. You can use the built-in blog system in TCloud to tell a story about a particular service and make a client want to book your service. But this can only be achieved if the intended clients get to read the story. TCloud makes this possible by enabling you to share your blogs with your intended recipients via text and email upon publication.