E-commerce Industry

TCloud E-commerce helps businesses to transition from selling products to customers in a physical location to enabling them take orders online and deliver products to their customers both locally and internationally.

1.  Search Engine Optimization

When you upload your products to TCloud, they automatically get optimized for search engines which makes it easy for your clients to find your products online.

2.  Automated Quotations

TCloud has an inbuilt quotations generation system which makes it easier for you to generate quotations or proforma invoices for your clients.

The electronically generated quotation can then be delivered to the intended recipient automatically through text and email. This process is simplified as you will only need to key in relevant information such as price and product description and the other processes shall be handled automatically by the system.

3.  Automated Receipts

TCloud helps your clients to get receipts automatically via email and sms upon ordering and paying for products.

4.  Blogs

By telling a story about your product you can win a clients heart. You can use the inbuilt blog system in TCloud to tell a story about a particular product and make a client want to buy the product. But this can only be achieved if the intended clients get to read the story. TCloud makes this possible by enabling you to share your blogs with your intended recipients via text and email upon publication.

5.  Payment Support

With a TCloud account, you can receive payments for your booked packages through various avenues including:

- M-pesa
- Paypal
- Credit Card
- Debit Card

6.  Reports

TCloud enables you to keep track of your purchases and payments automatically. The advanced report system enables you to sort the reports based on dates. The reports are automatically generated when orders are made.

7.  5 Star Rating and Reviews System

TCloud enables your clients to rate and review your services. Positive reviews reassure customers that they can trust your brand.

8.  Order Notifications

Through TCloud, you will get automated text and email notifications when you have a new order.

9.  Products Listing / Management

TCloud enables you to dynamically add / edit / remove your products from the system.

10.  Social Media Sharing Support

With TCloud, you can automaticallt share your products directly to social media.

11.  Whatsapp Booking

With TCloud your clients can book your products directly through whatsapp.

12.  Clients Retention

Through TCloud, you can easily store your clients details in your database and they will be automatically get texts and emails of new products that they could be interested in. This enables you to retain your clients.

13.  Landing page

TCloud landing page systems helps you to acquire and convert new leads into prospective clients.

14.  Inventory Managment

TCloud inventory management systems helps you manage your inventory and send you automated reminders when a product is out of stock.

15.  Delivery Management

Pickup helps you handle both local, international and pickup deliveries. Through the system you are able to include your rates for local, international deliveries. The system also enables you to add pickup points where you would want your clients to pick your products from.

16.  Special Events Reminder / Wishes

Through the system you can wish your clients well during special occasions such as Christmas, happy new year etc.,

17.  Free Marketing Classes

With a TCloud Account, you are guaranteed free marketing classes every Thursday from 8:00PM to 9:10PM EAT