Plumbing Industry

We create user-friendly websites and mobile apps specifically tailored for Plumbing companies. Our platforms feature automated cron-based robots, streamlining marketing and operational tasks for enhanced efficiency. Drilling firms will be equipped with the following functionalities on their website:

1.  User Friendly Interface

The website is meticulously crafted with an engaging and visually appealing design. We as Tcloud Business prioritize not only aesthetic appeal but also user-friendly navigation, creating a platform that effortlessly guides visitors through our offerings.

2.  Service Listing

This service listing feature on the website enables you to show case various services such as pump installation, plumbing services, water surveys, and borehole drilling.

3.  Admin Interface

The website's admin interface will empower you to effortlessly craft visually captivating slider images, articulate compelling details about us, and succinctly outline our mission and vision. This user-friendly interface grants you complete control, allowing you to effortlessly edit or delete any information on your website.

4.  Responsive Design

The website will be friendly and responsive to different screen sizes, ensuring seamless adaptation to various devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

5.  News &Blogs

By sharing a captivating story about the services, you offer through the built-in blog articles system in Tcloud, you can capture a client's interest. The key to success is ensuring your target clients read the story. Tcloud Business facilitates this by allowing you to share your blogs or news directly with your intended recipients through text and email.

6.  Quotation Request

The website will feature a quote section that simplifies the process for potential clients to reach out with questions or submit any requests. The user-friendly inquiry forms will require interested clients to provide their contact information to receive the requested quotation.

7.  Automated Quotation/Invoices

TCloud Business features a built-in effortlessly generating quotations and invoices. The streamlined process allows you to easily create quotes or invoices for your clients by entering the necessary information. The electronically generated quotation or invoice is automatically delivered to the intended recipient through text and email, simplifying the entire workflow.

8.  SEO Optimization

Tcloud Business will implement search engine optimization techniques to enhance your website's visibility to search engine result pages. We will employ relevant keywords, optimize meta tags, create unique and engaging content, and emphasize local and international SEO strategies to attract your targeted customers.

9.  Reviews & Ratings

Tcloud Business allows your clients to give ratings and reviews of your services. Positive reviews assure customers that they can trust your services.

10.  Social Media Integrations

Tcloud Business integrates your website with various social media platforms, facilitating social sharing and enhancing your online presence. Additionally, Tcloud Business adds social media icons, such as Facebook or any other preferred platform which will be linked to your website.